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NUDE. Naked. Figuratively, this word is applied to various subjects. 2. A nude contract, nudum pactum, q.v.) is one without a consideration; nu de matter, is a bare allegation of a thing done, without any evidence of it.

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In 1930 Parmelee published a book about nudism after his encounter with Nacktkultur in Berlin where he worked as an assistant to the secretary of state.
Peyia councillor Linda Leblanc said she has received a complaint from a couple living in the area that instances of lewd behaviour as opposed to straightforward nudism have been getting out of control.
Streaking is dis-|tinct from naturism or nudism in that streakers usually intend to be noticed.
Highlighting the book's larger theme of the body as contested, Shantz demonstrates how the body can signify both the "normal" and the "abnormal" Canadian, as nudist pageants at once produced white, middle-class respectability via discourses of nudists as "family oriented" and "natural," and, at the same time, iterated the nude body and, by extension nudists, as resistant in that nudism transcended codes of decency and morality prevalent in Canada at the time.
They believe nudism is socialism in its purest form: only by shedding designer clothes and expensive bling can we be free from judging individuals by their chattels and accoutrements.
Recently, groups such as The Terra Cotta Inn, Palm Springs, California; NUSA Sun; Young Naturists and Nudists of America; The Nudism and Naturism Daily News; All Nudist; Australian Naturist News; the famous photographer Spencer Tunick, and many, many more Facebook pages have been censored, banned, or deleted.
This pitfalls of nudism have been illustrated starkly in France recently - a country very comfortable with citizens de-robing and walking about in the nip.
This book investigates a wide range of issues pertaining to sex and love in the GDR between 1949 and 1989, including nudism, pornography, pre-marital sex, prostitution, divorce, homosexuality, monogamy, infidelity and divorce.
The western media projects nudism and violence for its vested interest the example are WMD in Iraq.
Nudism, seduction, free sex etc are the leit motif of these clubs.
As a caption to the nudism section memorably phrases it, "It was almost, but not quite, an adventure.
Nudism advocate Dario Western is pushing to bring the World Naked Beach Party to The Spit, well known as a popular site for "unofficial nude recreation.