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NUDE. Naked. Figuratively, this word is applied to various subjects. 2. A nude contract, nudum pactum, q.v.) is one without a consideration; nu de matter, is a bare allegation of a thing done, without any evidence of it.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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But it is this same enthusiasm that makes The Nudist on the Late Shift practically bloodless.
One of Harp's key insights is the importance of space and place in the regulation of public nudity, and he places particular emphasis on the role played by municipal councils in constructing the tolerance and eventual authorization of nudist practice.
"But, if the beach were to be designated for nudists, the complainers would go away and it would become a destination for naturist people to visit and spend their money.
Akerman said that he often goes naked at a number of well known 'nudist spots' in Cyprus but said that he would never take his clothes off at a crowded public beach.
"I believe Facebook is trying to make an example of us because we are the most popular Facebook nudist page," says Tom.
Jackie Youngblood is based in Pasco County, Florida, which is home to one of the largest nudist colonies in the world, the New York Post reported.
Mr Weekes said: "He said he was interested in the nudist lifestyle but was too embarrassed to practise it.
Now calls have been made to make part of the beach an official nudist area clearly signposted and regulated by a committee.
IRELAND'S nudists are expecting huge numbers of people to strip off and join them this summer.
Last year, 252 people braved cooler conditions at the secluded Marcola area property while participating in the American Association of Nudist Resorts' first-ever Guinness-sanctioned "Largest Skinny Dip Across North America." A total of 13,674 people on the continent took it all off for that synchronized swim.
Humorist Allen Parker brings delightfully zany Christian nudist Chester back for more hilarious antics in this sequel to Nudist Among Us.
The Channel 4 host stripped off after wandering across the nudist spot while on holiday with a group of four pals.