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NUDE. Naked. Figuratively, this word is applied to various subjects. 2. A nude contract, nudum pactum, q.v.) is one without a consideration; nu de matter, is a bare allegation of a thing done, without any evidence of it.

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If an incredible role came along in which nudity was really important, then I would consider it.
I logged back in and was prompted to go through all of my photos and to select any with nudity.
Rowers sports "The nudity in our calendar is therapeutic and purposeful.
She also couldn't help comparing the show's nudity to another hit series from Hulu, 'The Handmaid's Tale.
But after sending the material, she received a message back from Facebook saying it deemed the content unsuitable, due to the presence of nudity, cleavage and sexual content.
Nudity has become more visible than ever on European beaches and on the internet.
Abu Dhabi: Nudity in public is prohibited in the UAE.
Facebook prohibits images containing nudity altogether.
24 -- Google has updated its adult content policies on the Blogger platform, starting from 23rd March no sites built on its blogger platform will be allowed to publicly share "sexually explicit" content or media containing "graphic nudity.
Jack Taylor-Wood and Zach Slater are presenting Guaranteed Nudity at the Space on the Mile from Monday until August 23 as part of this year's Fringe.
In our April issue, choreographers discussed how they use nudity in dance.
The new rules prohibit videos of sexual acts, sexually provocative nudity, and close-ups of "aroused genitals underneath clothing" as are artistic or animated videos that are sexually graphic.

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