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It may be observed that the principles for interpreting Constitutional documents as laid down by this Court are that all provisions should be read together and harmonious construction should be placed on such provisions so that no provision is rendered nugatory.
Individuals with avoidant attachment style consider that their mothers are cold-hearted, nugatory and not honest; while their fathers are not honest and incoherent (Hazan and Shaver, 1987).
For many economists, flawed theory would be of greater concern--at least more hurtful to professional pride--than nugatory results from stimulus programs based on a valid theory.
W]hen the other elements of the Younger test are met, neither injunctive nor declaratory relief will be available 'in cases in which the federal relief would render the state court's orders or judgments nugatory.
Deployed HQs contained too many people, busied themselves with too much nugatory planning and did not run well internally.
Moreover, Aquinas' views on providence do not deny human freedom; hence, motives for grace are not rendered nugatory but remain authentic and genuine.
But if you are one of these peopleAuthese nugatory finger-waggers, these buzz-killing harpies of righteous socialismAuplease, sit next to someone else at dinner.
133) This problem is also mirrored in the guidance that good faith may preclude actions that would render rights nugatory, worthless, or seriously undermined--there remains a wide margin for error on the part of the franchisor before any actions have this effect.
To hold otherwise would render the constitutional provision nugatory.
7) "It wouldn't make any sense" he argues, "to excuse you just because the cost of performance would exceed the benefits, for that would make the option nugatory.
The Quartet's peacemaker, Tony Blair, is as unctuously nugatory as ever.
Certainly, Collini can disagree with her judgment, but the notion that she is no more than pert or that we learn nothing about Hardy seems nugatory.