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A complete prohibition on carrying operable firearms in any public place renders the Second Amendment right to bear, or carry, firearms for self-defense nugatory, or nearly so, and might well be difficult to justify.
These works, in an instant, rendered nugatory even the dernier cri of the American entries.
153) Any lesser or greater expectation renders her contribution nugatory or superfluous.
Hence, to engage in black philosophy on conceptual terms set forth here is to affirm one's humanity in the face of those who deem you a sub-person, ersatz, ontologically nugatory.
al--because they "originate in a romantic, because lost, ancient past" are nugatory.
Sathasivam said leaving blank spaces would render nugatory the right of citizens to " have the necessary information at the time of filing of the nomination paper in order to make a choice of their voting".
Heroic endeavor, rendered nugatory by his disrespectful treatment at the hands of Agamemnon, is as worthless and meaningless as dust.
Year by year we read how distressingly nugatory are the actual steps taken to solve what is solvable.
As Rick Pildes and Daryl Levinson have argued, the emergence of political parties shortly after the Founding rendered nugatory much of Federalist 51; (17) the existence of parties also complicates the constitutional questions surrounding gridlock that brings the legislative process to a virtual standstill.
In place of reasoned analysis, thus, these authors have opted instead to paint a negative portrait that, as historian Nick Knight asserts, "appears to render nugatory any serious scholarly study of Mao.
As Anna 'stared at [Pilar] in wonder'; as she 'realises her lustrous personality' and feels it to be 'a long awaited blessed gift'; as she follows these sentiments by acknowledging her 'secret need for a passage of beauty', the erotic intent is by no means nugatory, nor is it hidden somewhere beneath the surface (304).
These aspects of military life do not, of course, render entirely nugatory in the military context the guarantees of the First Amendment [citation omitted].