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De Lima was referring to the two separate rulings of the Court of Appeals in 2013 that nullified the body created to investigate the involvement of the Reyes brothers in the death of Ortega and reinstating the ruling of the first panel finding no probable cause to charge them with murder.
Teodoro nullified the agreement upon the suggestion of his defense undersecretary for finance and armed forces advancement on the ground that the company presented illegal documents upon examining.
figure By SAM KIPLAGAT The Supreme Court will on Wednesday deliver judgments in three election petitions, among them a case challenging the election of Embu Governor Martin Wambora.The election of Mr Wambora had been nullified by Justice William Musyoka in February last year, saying the vote recount and scrutiny had unearthed various irregularities that compromised the integrity of the process.
Well, the precedence that we have seen reveals the majority of elections nullified at the High or Appeals court have either been reversed or upheld by the Supreme Court.
But these applications will be nullified. As many as 17,000 people have applied for this vacancy.
He also commended leaders of the APC, starting from the state chairman, Prince Gboyega Famodun and members of the party in the state and Obokun constituency for the support and steadfastness during the nullified election and the tribunal proceedings.
His book does not review the relevant history, 1945 for example, when the French stole Vietnam's independence, or 1954, when the United States nullified the Geneva Treaty and negated the will of the Vietnamese majority.
In the past it's usually been all-white juries that nullified the law."
In effect, this nullified a 1996 Miami-Dade County policy requiring organizations using county funds or venues to sign an affidavit declaring they had no business dealings with any party in Cuba or with other organizations that did.
Meanwhile, the plaintiffs also demanded the 2001 upper house election results in constituencies in the three prefectures be nullified on the grounds that the maximum disparity in the weight of a vote was about 1 to 5.
"But on October 12, 2001, memo from current Attorney General John Ashcroft nullified any gains Freedom of Information advocates made from the Reno memo," Hotline said.
2523; however, when the power of appointment is terminated and the agreement is nullified, M's income interest will qualify for Sec.