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6, the Alliance's Leader, Qutayba al-Jobouri said the he has already collected signatures of 80 lawmakers demanding nullifying the Agreement; stressing that this is only the beginning in a campaign to nullify the Agreement.
We are confident,'' Lee said, referring to a separate ongoing legal challenge aimed at nullifying the entire election.
specifically by nullifying most of the 'protective' labor laws.
The agreement is to be null and void on the first to occur of (1) B signing a document nullifying it or (2) 20 years.
As soon as the governor signed the order, it unleashed a backlash from GOP legislators, who even passed a law nullifying the governor's action.
Under the change, tenants will be provided with an "automatic protective refund claim" when filling out the modified tax return forms, nullifying the 18-month statute of limitations for collecting tax refunds.
Editor's note: We know that beneficial as well as harmful effects have come from juries both upholding and nullifying the law.
17 on a Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) lawmaker who has appealed a lower court ruling nullifying his 1996 election due to his secretary's vote buying, court officials said Tuesday.
Faust saves his soul by making a great self-sacrifice, thus nullifying his contract with the Devil.
In other words, Darden's success or failure in nullifying the noncompete clause contained depended on his ability to demonstrate that he was an "employee" of Nationwide for ERISA purposes.
One possibility is that fluids trapped in the pores of fault rocks and clays are exerting a strong pressure, jacking the rocks apart and nearly nullifying the frictional stresses.
Kohl, President and CEO of PSAI said, "By nullifying the credit agreement we are reducing fees and eliminating certain financial restrictions.