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In many human breast cancers, Numb concentration is low and this is associated with a poor prognosis for the patients.
We then numb the skin by contacting the device's metal surface to the patient's skin.
During games my leg would go numb from the knee down and I couldn't play anywhere near the standard I wanted to.
There are several factors to consider if numb chin syndrome is suspected.
Using embryonic stem cells from mouse embryos, they again disabled Numb and Numbl while also engineering the cells to produce a glowing red protein, which would give away the CPCs' location.
I feel numb, a little bit like I did in 2007, it is mixed emotions at the moment.
once frozen, totally numb and in full contemplation mode, I decided it would be a good thing to let banks raise their fees and operate without any regulatory oversight, that the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden should be defunded as it supports spurious science, and, during one particularly painful portion of the oral surgery where special extra doses of pain-numbing medication were administered, I came up with the amazing idea that the way to jump-start the economy would be to re-authorize subprime mortgage loans.
After 30 seconds, their hands and legs would be so numb they would lose their grip and would have no chance of grabbing a rope to be pulled out.
When constantly barraged with bad news, we all become numb to the impact.
1 : unable to feel anything especially because of cold <My toes are numb.
The Bedford-born mum-of-two said: "I was numb down my right side.
The mum of five told how the revelation of her son's disease left her numb - and how, when she told Rhys the news, he said: "Nomam, I haven't.