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the wrath of Yahveh by numbering his people, seventy thousand of whom
Where was it then For Israel, or for David, or his throne, When thou stood'st up his tempter to the pride Of numbering Israel--which cost the lives of threescore and ten thousand Israelites By three days' pestilence?
In the text I have followed the arrangement of these scholars, numbering the Hymns to Dionysus and to Demeter, I and II respectively: to place "Demeter" after "Hermes", and the Hymn to Dionysus at the end of the collection seems to be merely perverse.
If, I said, he makes a set speech and we make another recounting all the advantages of being just, and he answers and we rejoin, there must be a numbering and measuring of the goods which are claimed on either side, and in the end we shall want judges to decide; but if we proceed in our enquiry as we lately did, by making admissions to one another, we shall unite the offices of judge and advocate in our own persons.
At a certain point they stopped and changed to a sort of slow, swinging stamp, numbering not a quarter of the steps, but occupying about the same time.
A numbering system that predates the transistor is colliding with demands its inventors could not have anticipated.
A key benefit is that we can now compete with incumbent telecoms players on a better footing as two-way VoIP services can now be offered to users using numbering that are familiar to them.