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Studies have found that various PTSD symptom clusters are negatively associated with quality of life [7,23], perhaps most notably the PTSD numbing symptom cluster [9,23-24], identified in the emotional numbing four-factor structure [25] and later incorporated into the structure of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)-5 diagnostic criteria for PTSD [26].
That's why there's a growing market for the type of FDA- approved laser numbing cream offered at facilities like OuRX Pharmacy, Inc.
Once they shoot your gums full of local numbing and your lips droop and sag, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell seem downright brilliant.
This numbing effect is natural, but it must be controlled if we are going to survive and to thrive in the future.
He told reporters: ``At that moment it was numbing.
In a time when art gets subjected to the same numbing cost analyses as IKEA shelving units, a little death homeopathically injected into the system might be just what our culture needs.
Depression, anxiety, feelings of guilt and emotional numbing or "flatness" are often present as well.
And so on, from crippling anxiety and crying spells to social numbing, paralyzing flashbacks, and violent outbursts.
The localized numbing effect lasts approximately 45 minutes.
This trait, in combination with too many piano ballets on a single bill, left a numbing impression of the concert.
The numbing of our capacity to feel guilt has implications for our spiritual as well as our moral lives.
So, rather than numb the entire body with narcotics, it bathes specific nerves with a precise amount of local anesthetic, a painkiller similar to, but longer acting than the numbing agent a dentist uses.