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Even when her marriage was crumbling, with Jack contemplating leaving, and as she drove numbly down the empty back roads to the farmhouse they had been so excited about refurbishing, Katherine had relied on this structure: whatever else was happening at home and with her family, in the classroom she could maintain a certain pose, fervent and energetic, never breaking character, for ninety minutes focused on nothing but the lesson, on the welfare of the bright young people assembled before her.
At the end of the French master's Le Boucher, a schoolteacher who has been complicit with a serial killer stands numbly gazing into a bucolic setting of trees and river.
Not knowing what else to do, Gunn walked back inside and numbly placed his empty, slide-locked P345 on the kitchen counter.
In a moment of fury Corporal Stanley calls Goldstein a "dumb Jew bastard" (623) shortly after having a very amiable conversation with him, leading Goldstein to a sad realization: "You can't trust any of them, he thought numbly with a certain bitter pleasure.
and stared numbly at the most recent entry, dated that morning--Magda's cell phone number.
At first, al-Zanfali disappoints even in the pathetic role assigned to him in this farce, staring numbly into space, rather than reacting.
But it wasn't just indicting that, it was really just recognizing the psychic disconnect and understanding that there is a kind of trauma to walk by things and go numbly on without dealing with our lives.
To begin with, this supposedly rationalistic Editor, who is perfectly capable of throwing out hasty moral judgments when it pleases him to do so, appears to be numbly inured to a state of incessant war between Whigs and Tories.
She said no, and then walked numbly out of the theater, sat down in front of the library, "and I cried, and cried, and cried.
They are my friends, mothers popping anti-depressant pills and smiling numbly with an artificial happiness.
Baffled budgerigars, pecking numbly at the bottom of a rusty cage.
SomethingC*other than the typical stereotype UAE residents have somehow numbly accepted as normal.