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To those evident phonetical difficulties should be added the fact that this comparison does not apply to the reconstructed Proto-Uralic numeral system either: there is no proof of the existence of any numeral except 'two', 'five' (see above) and may be 'ten' and 'twenty' (see below).
Leonardo spent his youth in North Africa, studying mathematics with Arab tutors, and that is where he learned and fell in love with the Indian numeral system.
Instead we tend to misremember the appearance of such timepieces in line with our schematic knowledge of the Roman numeral system.
With a supporting line-up of actors to play the great innovators, from Pythagoras to Fibonnaci, and modern day lessons from a top Oxford mathematician and an expert abacist, lones clearly and entertainingly shows how society's thinking evolved in various locations and cultures to necessitate the invention of the number one, the Indian revelation of the number zero, and the clash between the Roman numeral system (clumsy when it comes to calculating large numbers) and the flexible, more abstract Arabic numeral system (although they are misnamed, as they were recorded in India and then traveled to Arabic culture).