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It is of course necessary to also mention at this point OVS wh-structures like English (2b), repeated again below with the same numeration, since it clearly emerges that whom exibits accusative Case.
The data are shown as mean [+ or -] standard deviation (SD) for measurement data and median (range) or percentage for numeration data.
The remaining chapters 3 though 7 address different math concepts as follows: counting and ordering, base ten numeration, addition, subtraction, and addition and subtraction.
149 femmes enceintes ont beneficie de differentes analyses de laboratoire tels le groupage et le rhesus, l'examen de la syphilis, le diabete et la numeration globulaire complete.
materials: A comparison of two models for teaching decimal numeration.
Numeration and Identification of thermotolerant endospore-forming Bacillus from two fermented condiments Bikalga and Soumbala.
Notes of appreciation and information about academic and financial assistance received during the elaboration of the work must be included in the first footnote, but must not be included in the numeration of those consecutive footnotes.
The works will have a twenty extension nongreater (20) sheets of paper and nonsmaller a (15), size letter, written by a single side to double-spaced in letter Arial 12, with consecutive numeration of all the pages, including the cover, pictures, tables, graphs, annexed and the bibliographical references.
Germination rate = S (Ni /Di) Ni: germinated seeds in each numeration Di: day of each numeration.
35) The modern numeration in blue ballpoint pen, which is of unknown origin, is correlative, (36) but these numerations do not correspond with each other as part of the works were probably lost when they were bound [see Illustration 3].
19] Even if the manual platelet numeration, using a counting chamber, remains the technique of reference, it consumes more time and requires a phase-contrast microscope, which is not always available in routine laboratories.