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Qualitative analysis of open-ended responses concerning the type of mathematical knowledge, thinking, and skills students excel at, indicated that educators believed their students excelled most at Number Sense and Numeration (n = 49), Patterning (n = 20), and Geometry and Spatial Sense (n = 13).
One aspect of the MP that makes such a claim particularly evident is how it treats the phenomenon of Case and how this relates to its notion of what is termed the numeration. In the MP the numeration is the starting point for each derivation and consists of a list of all the lexical items that enter into a derivation fully inflected, along with an index for each one signifying how many times each lexical item appears in the numeration (Chomsky 1995: 225-238; Hornstein et al.
On the basis of existence of parameter manifold, the numeration approximation systems of iterative levels have been given by backward-forward systems.
He also criticized Khawaja Asif who he said despite holding dual portfolios had a work permit in UAE and received numeration worth 1.7 million rupees per month.
" On n'a pas de probleme avec l'augmentation des prix des cartes de recharge telephonique, mais pour les tarifs internet c'est illogique dans un pays qui fait de la numeration une de ses priorites ", a-t-il dit.
"Counting on Fall" is a beautiful resource for K-2 cross curricular fall learning activities involving number sense and numeration.
(2) More recently, Tobias Dantzig, discussing the discovery of zero and positional numeration, wrote:
Measurement data and numeration data were compared with analysis of variance and Chi-square test, respectively.
Despite the many revisions that Tropper has made to his text, he has, remarkably, managed to keep the same section numeration and even the same pagination (with minor exceptions) as in the first edition, so that references to UG in the scholarly literature will remain current.
Let us assume also that the concentrations [p.sub.i] of components (reactances) with even and odd numeration are equal to each other:
Three fillies complete the line-up, with the unbeaten Samuna and Skyron joined by Numeration.
Myrtacine[R] New Generation was first evaluated for (i) preventive treatment, which consisted of an addition of the product (0.001%, 0.01% and 0.1% w/v) at the time of inoculation of the dynamic biofilm model (T 0) and numeration of adherent and planktonic cells at 5 h, 24 h and 48 h and (ii) curative treatment, which consisted of an addition of the product (0.1%, 0.01% and 0.001% w/v) on a 48 h biofilm with circulation for 1 min and 5 min.