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For a more complete understanding of the errors, changes, and references made to the manuscript's foliation, see the table containing the two numerations given in the next section of this article.
In considering how Middle Horizon khipus might have evolved into Inka khipus, it is critical to take account of the presence, or lack, of decimal numeration as a principle of recording in Middle Horizon samples.
Fan Assessment Numeration System (FANS) design and calibration specifications.
For plate numeration concerning Blake's designs to Mihon, I also utilize Erdman's The Illuminated Blake (Garden City, NY: Dover, 199a), a republished issue of the 1974 edition--hereafter referred to as TIB.
Census enumeration in late seventeenth-century Alto Peru: the numeration general of 1683-1684.
La numeration des cellules sanguines est realisee par un automate d'hematologie : Sysmex Kx-21 (Kobe, Japon) qui donne le nombre des globules blancs (GB1 et GB2) et rouges (GR1 et GR2), le taux d'hemoglobine (THb1 et THb2), l'hematocrite (Hte1 et Hte2), le volume globulaire moyen (VGM1 et VGM2), la teneur corpusculaire moyenne en hemoglobine (TCMH1 et TCMH2), la concentration corpusculaire moyenne en hemoglobine (CCMH1 et CCMH2) et le taux de plaquettes (PLQT1 et PLQT2).
for GAL I and II the numeration designates the marginal numbers (the page numbers of the original edition) and for S I, II, and III the page numbers.
They are reproduced here as in De Vocht's edition with one verse spread over two lines and numbered according to the pattern used in this edition where the numeration of lines starts with the dedication.
As a result, the fact that the Bamum have this very interesting and original system for numeration is often overlooked.
Misty-eyed reminiscence aside, the point is that even now there exists no other commonly-used system of cataloguing the deep sky, besides those Herschel numbers, whose numeration itself presents us so instantly with just the information most useful to the visual observer--that is, what the object actually looks like in the eyepiece.