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When a single sample was used to predict the high exposure tertile, the median sensitivity and PPV were 0.56 (IQR, 0.42-0.63) and 0.39 (IQR, 0.33-0.58), respectively (Figure 4; for corresponding numeric data, see Supplemental Material, Table S4).
Another important challenge that still needs attention is; what if there is no numeric data or, there is data which is not resilient enough for watermark embedding?
The best paper award went to William Eberle and Lawrence Holder for "Discovering Anomalies to Multiple Normative Patterns in Structural and Numeric Data," the best student paper to Zsolt Kira for "Mapping Grounded Object Properties across Perceptually Heterogeneous Embodiments," and the best poster award to Rene Alejandro Venegas for "Towards a Method for Assessing Summaries in Spanish Using LSA."
As a result, he's earned a rebuke from the guardian of the integrity of the nation's numeric data, the UK Statistics Authority, for his political meddling in matters that are the proper province of the professional statisticians.
New memory optimisation improvements in Aqua Data Studio 8.0 also ensure that users will notice a performance boost, especially for data warehousing environments and when querying for result sets with large quantities of numeric data. Support for Subversion (SVN) 1.6, and additional enhancements in Object Search, Visual Editing, SQL History Archive, Schema Compare, Schema Browser and Schema Script Generator has also been included.
Having a huge moving map on the portable frees the screen of the IFR GPS in the panel to show more numeric data or different data, such as the flight plan page.
Overall, there are 25 tables and 63 maps or charts provided to illustrate the surprisingly large amount of numeric data provided.
This basic formula works well when returns are quantitative and based on hard numeric data.
Procedures for data collection, analysis, and integration now include more statistical calculations for reports and graphs and more comprehensive filtering for numeric data. Users may access survey results remotely and view data in real time.
Emphasizing the nuances of dealing with numeric data items, chapters cover a review of techniques for defining classes, how to define a pure numeric data type, the point-extent pattern for pairs of numeric types, inheritance and polymorphism with numeric types, programming with numeric vectors and matrices, and much more.
He defines a pure numeric data type and a numeric type having an additive unit of measure, explains the point-extent pattern for pairs of numeric types, defines families of interacting numeric types and the role of inheritance and polymorphism with numeric types.
In place of the colour-coded numeric data, we substituted words such that the leader merely saw text that indicated 'very high strength' highlighted in dark green or 'development need' highlighted in red, and so on.