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noun account, accounting, aggregate, collection, complement, count, decimal, degree, estimate, exponent, figure, integer, integral, multitude, overall amount, overall quantity, quantity, score, sum, tally, total
Associated concepts: gaming
See also: amount, calculate, comprise, contain, enumerate, itemize, quantity, quota

INDEFINITE, NUMBER. A number which may be increased or diminished at pleasure.
     2. When a corporation is composed of an indefinite number of persons, any number of them consisting of a majority of those present may do any act unless it be otherwise regulated by the charter or by-laws. See Definite number.

NUMBER. A collection of units.
     2. In pleading, numbers must be stated truly, when alleged in the recital of a record, written instrument, or express contract. Lawes' PI. 48; 4 T. R. 314; Cro. Car. 262; Dougl. 669; 2 Bl. Rep. 1104. But in other cases, it is not in general requisite that they should be truly stated, because they are not required to be strictly proved. If, for example, in an action of trespass the plaintiff proves the wrongful taking away of any part of the goods duly described in his declaration, he is entitled to recover pro tanto. Bac. Ab. Trespass, I 2 Lawes' PI. 48.
     3. And sometimes, when the subject to be described is supposed to comprehend a multiplicity of particulars, a general description is sufficient. A declaration in trover alleging the conversion of "a library of books"' without stating their number, titles, or quality, was held 'to be sufficiently certain; 3 Bulst. 31; Carth. 110; Bac. Ab. Trover, F 1; and in an action for the loss of goods, by burning the plaintiff's house, the articles may be described by the simple denomination of "goods" or "divers goods." 1 Keb. 825; Plowd. 85, 118, 123; Cro. Eliz. 837; 1 H. Bl. 284.

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To give an example, building a wind tunnel costs around PS30m and burns thousands of pounds every time it is used, whereas a numerical simulation of the air flowing around a car can be done using a small cluster of computers.
Exhibit 1: Global Computer Numerical Control Solutions Market 2012-2016 (US$ billion)
It proposes that the Quran is intended by God to have hidden numerical messages that can only be deciphered through proper numerical analysis of the Quran.
The system-by-system analysis, however, constitutes crucial comparative evidence for Chrisomalis's claims: most notably, that numerical notation systems did not develop in a linear sequence, but can best be described by a multi-linear pattern; that we cannot assess the functionality or effectiveness of numerical systems on universally valid, context-independent criteria; and finally, that in order to explain both the shared features of notation systems across time and space, and their differences and diachronic changes, we must take both cognitive and social and historical factors into account.
The use of rigorously tested routines from numerical libraries has long been a proven way to speed application development and performance.
The numerical modeling has become an important tool to designing the induction heating installations, to reduce the manufacture cost of a product and to improve the heating quality through induction.
Therefore, concerning the parameters of the perturbing effects in the perturbation series, the set of the current numerical values of the parameters is different in the cases of both sequent and parallel observations.
In addition, China Innovation, China Trends and China Oriental Numerical Control agree to use the application of numerical control system in solar electric vehicle with the application of numerical control system at the elementary phrase.
In the past, councilors gave the city manager numerical grades in four areas - finance, economic development, management efficiencies, and improvement and delivery of public services.
Vidal and Tigges set forth three suggested general explanations for hiring temps: reactive numerical flexibility, planned numerical flexibility, and systematic numerical flexibility.
College-level computer collections and specialty computer libraries will appreciate the technical detail and depth in Computer-Based Numerical & Statistical Techniques, a survey applicable not just to computer libraries but to libraries strong in industrial engineering, math, and science.
In addition to the complete history of the Numerical Control Society from its inception in 1962 to its ultimate demise at the turn of the century, other sections include those of the early pioneers responsible for creating and improving NC as well as photographs of many of the initial applications of NC to machines tools.

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