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Complexity is the term covering numerousness and intricacy of elements and mutual relationships of an entity with the environment in given time.
Subject differences in exponents from circles size, numerousness, and line length.
By then the damage, compounded by Boomer narcissism, exceptionalism, and sheer numerousness, had been done.
They epitomize numerousness and their names are of no consequence as Christian names have not been given to them during the sacrament of baptism.
The numerousness of emanations and descents by manifestation provides ample evidence for the greatness and majesty of the origin of descent.
The numerousness of black children seems to comment on the rareness of white ones.
What then does the numerousness of firms and the overcapacities imply about the nature of the "state monopoly?
In his essay "Li chih fen-hsi" ("An Analysis of Li"), Ch'en distinguishes three layers of li, ranging from the superficial to the profound: (1) the outer layer or the numerousness of li (li chih shu), (2) the middle layer or significance of li (li chih yi), and (3) the inner layer or foundation of li (li chih pen), which stresses the appropriate attitude in human intercourse.
These symbols are comprised of two graphic dimensions: numerousness and size.
contributors, both to the nature of the poem and to the numerousness of