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Quite the contrary," said the bachelor; "for, as stultorum infinitum est numerus, innumerable are those who have relished the said history; but some have brought a charge against the author's memory, inasmuch as he forgot to say who the thief was who stole Sancho's Dapple; for it is not stated there, but only to be inferred from what is set down, that he was stolen, and a little farther on we see Sancho mounted on the same ass, without any reappearance of it.
It merges chapters on government forbearance and takings and replaces old cases with new ones in adverse possession, the numerus clausus principle, security interests, and equitable conversion.
Le public, soumis a ses inerties et partage entre, d'une part, des instituts, ecoles et facultes a numerus clausus ayant des objectifs precis dans la formation des cadres et, d'autre part, des etablissements qui absorbent le residu des bacheliers sans pouvoir repondre aux veritables besoins de la societe dans les domaines economique et culturel tout en assurant le partage de la connaissance au maximum.
Contract Awarded for Provide and Maintain Cleaning, Disinfection, Rodent and Pest Control Services at the Sita Centurion, Erasmuskloof, Beta And Numerus Buildings, for a Period of 24 Months
Merrill and Smith first set out their information cost thesis in a trio of articles, beginning with an exploration of the numerus clausus principle in property law.
Le ministere exclut de ces mesures la creation de pharmacies de nuit dans les nouvelles communes non issues d'anciennes municipalites, qui sont ainsi non soumises a la condition du numerus clausus (condition quantitative), et a la liste d'attente.
The property is conveniently positioned in one of Dubai's burgeoning districts in the vicinity of numerus landmarks and facilities.
But from 1987 to 2016, numerus buildings, both residential and retail have been built, he added.
I Introduction II The Nature of and Justification for Numerus Clausus III Purpose and Justification for Numerus Clausus IV Common Law Developments Relevant to Numerus Clausus V Parking Easements VI Impact of Statutory Provisions VII Risks with Statutory Reforms VIII Democratic and Deliberative Governance IX Numerus Clausus and Personal Property X Influence of New Technology XI Climate Change XII Conclusion
50) The catalog of estates can be regarded as a loose version of the numerus clausus--the closed menu of forms familiar from civil law.
885, 897-98 (2008), and Mulligan advances a similar account for the restriction of idiosyncratic terms, see Christina Mulligan, A Numerus Clausus Principle for Intellectual Property, 80 Tenn.