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(157.) A manager at NUMMI described employee involvement there as follows:
In the beginning, it was assumed that NUMMI would provide a number of advantages for General Motors: (1) by building the cars on a common assembly line, GM would achieve manufacturing cost and quality parity with Toyota; (2) both GM and Toyota would benefit from the economies of scale associated with a larger production volume; and (3) GM would learn how to build automobiles the "Japanese way," then leverage this knowledge into an improved competitive position for its other product lines.
EP: Employee Participation EPCs: Employee Participation Committees ILUs: Independent Local Unions NLRA: National Labor Relations Act NLRB: National Labor Relations Board NUMMI: New United Motors Manufacturing Incorporated
Though it was not specifically revealed to me during my field studies exactly how much soft or hard technology was transferred from NUMMI and Uddevalla to Saturn, the Saturn "group of 99" did include the two firms in their benchmark plant visits.
media reported that NUMMI has also filed a suit against old GM, seeking $365 million in damages stemming from the dissolution of the joint venture.
All were one-time joint ventures with a Detroit 3 automaker: AutoAlliance in Flat Rock, MI (Ford-Mazda); Mitsubishi, Normal, IL (one-time joint venture with Chrysler); NUMMI, Fremont, CA (GMToyota).
TMC Executive Vice President Atsushi Niimi, who is responsible for North America, said, "After the decision by General Motors to withdraw from the NUMMI joint venture, Toyota conducted a thorough review of its alternatives in light of current and anticipated market conditions.
NUMMI will end production of vehicles for GM in August and there are no future GM vehicles planned for the joint venture at this time, GM said in a released statement.
at Georgetown, Ky., Princeton, IN, the NUMMI joint venture in Fremont, CAN., and a Canadian plant in Cambridge, Ontario.
According to Doles, NUMMI, the Toyota-General Motors joint venture vehicle-assembly plant in Fremont, Calif., has adopted the WhereNet System.
(NUMMI), a joint venture between Toyota and General Motors, won Best Compact Car for the third straight year.