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Libertatis nuntius warned that the ideological deviations of Marxist liberation theology inevitably lead to the betrayal of the cause of the poor.
Nuntius opens Herod the Great with "Moste mighty Mahowne meng you with mirthe
Putting the point negatively in its Instruction on Certain Aspects of the "Theology of Liberation" Libertatis nuntius (LN, 1984), the Congregation stated:
Credo memineris, preceptor optime, quod nondum tertius annus elapsus sit posquam senatus nostri nuntius Patavum ad te veni, et commissis expositis dies plusculos tecum egerim, quos fere omnes uno eodemque duximus modo.
These differences are evident in the two Vatican documents dealing with liberation theology: Libertatis Nuntius (1984) and the Instruction on Christian Freedom and Liberation (1986).
We like to think of the printed or spoken document as the ultimate object," says Nuntius President Richard Shockey.
If there is a singular failing of modern datacomm technology, says Richard Shockey, president of Nuntius Corp.