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An interdisciplinary team composed of CNSs and physicians from the ICU, OR and transplant service, as well as a nurse clinician for OTD, social workers and ODO coordinators were involved.
At NYGH, training was conducted by a group of nurse clinicians assigned to each unit.
The incision should not be submerged in water during this interval, the nurse clinician emphasized.
While it is okay to show some flexibility in their bedtimes, nurse clinician Nancy Murray, Duke University, Durham, N.
Second, participants were given an individual 45-minute counselling session with a nurse clinician that covered a range of topics including condom insertion and partner communication.
I find cause for optimism, though, in that I see DONs taking a proactive stance, recognizing the need for assistance, seeking out continuing education, anticipating clinical needs and, specifically, advocating for a nurse clinician on staff to help with these rapid assessments.
The pervasiveness of the nurse clinician effect on hospitalization is almost inextricably tied to the TNHP effect itself.
hematology nurse clinician at Indiana University Simon Cancer Center in Indianapolis and member of the NSider steering committee.
Rob Jackson, a nurse clinician at the Royal, made no apology for the graphic nature of the images included in his presentation, which he shows to youngsters over the age of 12 and which had caused some to run from the classroom or be sick.
I was among the first six students in the graduate Family Nurse Clinician program at Vanderbilt University.
I have worked in Olds since 2002 and have been the nurse clinician since 2007.
I propose Advanced Practice Nurse Clinician of the Year, Advanced Practice Nurse Educator of the Year, Advanced Practice Nurse Entrepreneur of the Year, and Advanced Practice Nurse Activist of the Year.