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As we encounter Moses today, his most recent troubles have led him to complain about the people, insisting that he couldn't continue as nursemaid to God's unruly and grumbling children (Numbers 11:1-15).
When she is found, Tracy is outraged that her daughter could have been in danger, while Jason rounds on Paul, telling him he can't have it all his way, with his sick wife and nursemaid mistress in the same house.
Washing line throws cyclist from bike A NURSEMAID was fined four shillings at Middlesbrough magistrates' court for leaving her washing line out overnight across the street.
In "The Doge and the Dogeressa," for instance, an "old crone" beggar woman with an "ugly, shriveled face" turns out to have had "a full, rosy face [and] tender, kindly eyes" in her previous existence as nursemaid to the orphaned hero, Antonio.
Louisa Gardener is the 14-year-old nursemaid to the young daughters of a wealthy, titled family in London, England, in 1912.
This haunted bedroom boasts a female phantom thought to be the ghost of a former children's nursemaid.
I started resenting that; I didn't like being a nursemaid," she recalled.
His career spanned almost six decades, beginning in 1835 with his display of a woman advertised as George Washington's nursemaid and ending, at his death, with the Barnum & Bailey's Greatest Show on Earth, the largest circus of its day.
What about other suspects, like the Lindbergh's nursemaid or Richard Hauptmann, a carpenter from New York?
Colin Montgomerie and Sandy Lyle both raved about his qualities as a Ryder Cup nursemaid and he brought the same meticulousness to the Ryder captaincy as he brings every week to his playing performance.
You may have relatives who would help to act as nursemaid while you go away to rest somewhere quiet and comfortable.
There they were gathered at Chichihual-cuauhco, the Place of the Nursemaid Tree, and seated with heads tilted back and mouths open as milk dripped from the leaves of the great tree and kept them alive.