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Meanwhile, Prince George started nursery school when he was also 2-years-old, but he went to a Montessori school that's close to his family's home.
The project to enhance the quality of preschool education and childcare targets a total of 50 nursery schools in five governorates.
The counties, which run the nursery schools, must show commitment by honouring their part of the bargain through appropriate budgets and follow-up plans.
Whilst his prognosis is good, Lukas has had some difficult times and Fullbrook Nursery School is now planning a second sponsored event in the autumn term, as well as a bulb planting event to continue its fundraising efforts.
His words come only a day before the planned protest of parents which will be against the often act of physical and mental abuse to the children in nursery schools, kindergartens and schools.
Nursery schools in Newcastle could see funding cut from PS6.
She added: "If we can't afford our staff, can't afford to carry out the duties we have to carry out, then nursery schools won't exist.
I guess the definition of a nursery school has drastically changed from what it used to be say 20 years ago.
Muscat: Are the little ones in safe hands, and are they getting a proper grooming The answer -unfortunately- from many parents is not in the affirmative as they worry about the falling standards of nursery schools, where, they feel their kids are getting exposed to problems ranging from "unqualified teachers" to "safety issues".
Carousel Nursery School provides exactly that, by "enabling children to spend part of their day in a world which is child-sized, clocked by 'child time' and planned so that they may act the way that's normal for their stage of development.
By surveying problems in nursery school childcare support programmes, determining the knowledge and skills required to provide these support programmes, studying the expertise needed by nursery school teachers to provide childcare support, and examining childcare support that is currently being provided, we may be able to identify theories and skills that can help nursery schools provide better and more consistent childcare support in the future.
Children from Pond Park Nursery School and St Aloysius Nursery Unit in Lisburn joined grants officer of the Integrated Education Fund Sara Shields, ahead of getting the money "to promote and support sharing between and within schools.