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provide a learning environment and the resources that enable nursing home staff to grow professionally, increase their job knowledge, and advance their careers in long-term care;
Siegel also cites the sociological problem of communities opposing mental health facilities' being placed in their areas or permitting nursing home residents with mental illnesses to be allowed to go out unaccompanied--in other words, the NIMBY (not in my backyard) phenomenon.
La Salle School of Nursing (SON) is the La Salle Neighborhood Nursing Center (LSNNC), a nurse managed health center.
3) Valerie Nelson, "Shattering the Myths About Forensic Nursing," Nurseweek/Healthweek; retrieved on March 2, 2005, from http://www.
Donna Smith, chief nursing officer at Desert Valley Medical, says she is happy to have the Mexican nurses join her staff and believes that they are as qualified as U.
CareScout, formed in 1977, is the first private company to ever rate nursing homes, Bua said.
In addition to the obvious benefits of having additional health care trained personnel at the camp setting and equipping student nurses for future camp nursing roles, the preceptoring experience offers current camp nurses a sense of increased job satisfaction and affirmation of their professional role.
We're everywhere," says Patricia Butterfield, a professor at the Montana State University College of Nursing in Bozeman.
The idea of parish nursing blossomed less than 20 years ago when, in 1984, the Rev.
The study examined the loss costs for 12 for-profit nursing home chains representing 35% of licensed nursing home beds in Florida and 20% of those in the United States.

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