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For more information on Grandell Rehab and Nursing Center, visiting hours, or general inquiries, contact Alison Anchin at 516-889-1100.
63 Heritage Park Nursing Center, $391,575 $4,860,961
La Salle School of Nursing (SON) is the La Salle Neighborhood Nursing Center (LSNNC), a nurse managed health center.
The original goal for establishing the nursing center was to develop clinically expert educational settings for nursing students in the care of older adults.
21-23] Integrating essential oral health services into existing primary care nursing centers promises an efficient and effective method for enhancing the health of millions of Americans.
Den-Mar Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Rockport, Massachusetts,
It's a testament to the family dynamic we have here at Bronx Park and how we can achieve greatness and success through hard work and dedication,” said Steven Freifeld, Administrator at Bronx Park Rehabilitation and Nursing Center.
In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Royal Oaks Nursing Center, 37300 Royal Oaks Lane, Dade City, Florida 33525.
24 March 2011 - US-based Loyola University Chicago annouced yesterday that it will break ground for the Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing Center for Collaborative Learning on 9 April, in Maywood, Ill.
48 Quapaw Quarter Nursing Center, ($4,719) $3,996,063
Costs of providing care in the two nursing centers were analyzed and the costs of the unprofitable nursing center were compared to a benchmark profitable center.

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