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In this case, the nursing home paid to settle the case in December 2004.
Kevin Sullivan is now championing efforts to ensure that persons with mental illnesses are placed in community-based facilities rather than nursing homes on grounds that nursing home beds are far more costly than home or community care.
Looking ahead, the challenge is whether and how much the VA will pay for long-term care in each of the three nursing home settings.
And, in the case of nursing home real estate loans, by focusing on property valuations as well as P & L statements.
McClellan noted that the department's popular Nursing Home Compare Web site (www.
The litigation issue is especially acute in Florida and Texas, where strong patients' rights laws have invited a flurry of lawsuits on behalf of nursing home residents.
HCFA will be looking to ensure the nursing home industry has developed strategies to prevent dehydration, malnutrition, and decubitus ulcers.
In this article, I explore ways in which Medicaid eligibility affects nursing home demand, focusing on the role of economic variables.
Terri's needs are more skilled than what's available in a nursing home.
Rather, for purposes of determining the deductibility of medical care and nursing home expenses, the definition of "dependent" in Sec.
By law, medically eligible Medicaid patients receive unlimited, publicly financed custodial care in nursing homes of their choice.

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