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Under the new law, 278 people in Wisconsin are affected by the cap on the state's Community Options Program, which was created to fund community-based alternatives to nursing-home care.
All of these people have home health-care expenses that exceed $2,325 per month--the average Medicaid portion of nursing-home care.
There is one exception to the rule that government does not pay for custodial nursing-home care.
People who need nursing-home care are exempt from Medicaid's most draconian financial eligibility limits.
The $2 million survey of state and federal nursing-home data from 2000 through 2001 was conducted by researchers from UC San Francisco, University of California, Los Angeles, the Rand Corp.
Consumers are invited to check nursing-home ratings concerning weight loss, time in bed, staff levels, wages, hours of average one-to-one care, state and federal deficiencies and other health care criteria at www.
The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) has reported 79% of its members incorrectly believed a long-term nursing-home stay would be financed through Medicare.
While there is a need for about 100,000 new nursing-home beds each year, only 10,000 beds are currently being built.