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Paul, Lucy's fellow teacher says, catching Lucy in a museum viewing what he deems to be an inappropriate painting for an unmarried young woman to look at: "You nurslings of Protestantism astonish me.
Yvonne Hanvey, West Lodge, Romsey Road, Nursling, Southampton SO16 0XA
Beneath is spread like a green sea The waveless plain of Lombardy, Bounded by the vaporous air, Islanded by cities fair; Underneath day's azure eyes Ocean's nursling Venice lies.
T&S is confident focusing on the Brownhills and Nursling distribution centres will provide the right distribution network to service future plans.
13) says the besotted populace hailed him as "Star, chick, babe, nursling.
Breastfeeding is mentioned six times in the Qur'an, each of which reflects, consistent with the spirit of the Qur'an, concern for the helpless nursling.
Nursling OGSC December 19 1925 (Crawford Papers 104, Bodleian Library, Oxford)
There exists what Lacan calls a "primordial Discord," the effect of that physiological "prematurity of birth" (4) characteristic of the human newborn that shows itself in its "motor incapacity and nursling dependence" (2).
In 1505, Cataneus argued that a syphilitic wetnurse could pass the disease to her nursling through her milk and advised against allowing such a woman to nurse one's child.
Among the most memorable if not necessarily "best" pieces in the show was a collaborative project by Rosemarie Trockel and Carsten Holler: a state-of-the-art pig sty (reportedly realized at a cost of about $100,000) in a hedged area on the edge of the park, inhabited by a wallowing male pig, two nursling sows, and perhaps a dozen piglets.
Came to be a guest in a woman we called "blessed," to become embryo, fetus, nursling, toddler, lad, youth, grown and dying man.