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Paul, Lucy's fellow teacher says, catching Lucy in a museum viewing what he deems to be an inappropriate painting for an unmarried young woman to look at: "You nurslings of Protestantism astonish me.
For instance, Creslos Jache affirms that whilst "black" and "mulata" chichiguas are frequently careless nurses with little milk to offer their charges, they never forget to teach creole nurslings many reprehensible habits before the age of two and to instill in baby girls, dangerously loose morals.
Asry had recently celebrated the World Environment Day which was organised under the slogan Green Economy by handing out and distributing plants and nurslings, thereby educating the employees and workers on the importance of this branch of the economy.
Despite women's investment in the whole family's nutrition, they were the least likely to get the calories they needed to sustain themselves and their nurslings.
At the same time with Harlow, Bowlby and his associate Ainsworth dealt with the relations that are developed between nurslings and their parents and mainly how these develop or fail in the contracting of beams.
For indeed ruma is the breast, as they used to say: Now even as sucklings (subrumi agni) are named from ruma, so nurslings from milk.
How (even with all hindsight) can we know the true ephebe, the potentially strong poet, from the mass of ocean's nurslings around him?
educated in the service of the State, with the ennobling consciousness of having paid for their education by their services; going abroad under the first feeling of a proud and manly interdependence to occupy their high places in society; imbued with a State of patriotism, as nurslings of her institutions; combining the enterprise and decision of a military character with the acquirements of their scholastic opportunities; dispensing knowledge and intelligence through all the vocations of life which they are destined to fill; and perhaps, most usefully and appropriately, diffusing them as instructors of succeeding generations.
The vast majority of them are now completely forgotten, but some of the nurslings of this group, such as Itsik Kipnis and Shmuel Halkin, were central figures in Soviet Yiddish literature.
42) As the sacred beast of Mars, who was believed to have lathered the fearless nurslings upon a vestal, the wolf might have been serving the war god, a pagan perspective amended by Augustine in The City of God when he asked: 'What if God, to reprove the bloody mind of the king that commanded to drown them, preserved them from the water, and sent this beast to give them nourishment?
Indeed, reports of women contracting syphilis from their nurslings led to periodic crises involving women returning their charges to the foundling home, and others refusing to take new nurslings in.
Nurslings were relatively active and managed to move themselves with the help of their strong forelimbs, although the posterior half of their bodies seemed weak and fairly immobile.