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verb advance, aid, assist, back, bolster, bring to maturity, bring up, care for, cherish, coach, cultivate, direct, educate, encourage, enrich, feed, fortify, forrard, foster, further, give aid, harbor, help, improve, instruct, invigorate, maintain, make provisions for, make strong, mold, nourish, nurse, patronize, prepare, promote, provide for, rear, render better, render strong, sponsor, strengthen, succor, supply aid, support, sustain, teach, train, tutor, victual
See also: abet, aid, assist, care, conjure, cultivate, discipline, educate, foster, keep, maintain, mature, organize, preservation, promote, regard, shelter, sustain

NURTURE. The act of taking care of children and educating them: the right to the nurture of children generally belongs to the father till the child shall arrive at the age of fourteen years, and not longer. Till then, he is guardian by nurture. Co. Litt. 38 b. But in special cases the mother will be preferred to the father; 5 Binn. R. 520; 2 S. & R. 174; and after the death of the father, the mother is guardian by nurture. Fl. 1. 1, c. 6; Com. Dig. Guardian, D.

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Babat acknowledges the existence of rivals who might try to challenge the powers and good intentions of the intended nurturer of fish.
While Passno denied that she wants women to stop working outside the home, she insisted that "our Creator God designed a woman to want to take care of children, to provide a good home, to be a nurturer.
And although black women continue to function as the community's primary nurturers, prevailing attitudes among African-American women are more targeted toward issues of self-actualization.
Mammies are seen as nurturers, women good at comforting and taking care of others, but also verbally aggressive.
Men who do remain in their marriages and in their children's lives are apparently becoming better nurturers, and the authors believe that "men who actively participate in raising their children may be more reluctant to leave marriage.
Many secretaries have been nurturers much of their lives--meeting the needs of others, often to the neglect of their own dreams.
But, it's instructive to note that quite a number of them eventually take an additional step forward, and feel the need to become animal advocates, protectors, nurturers, whisperers, etc.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani warned that the terrorists who are trained in certain states to join their counterparts in Syria will one day backfire on their nurturers.
She is on a mission to empower one million women nurturers to nurture themselves and create a life of their choice.
Our nods to our mothers and other nurturers on this day in May never measure up.
A spokesman said: "Women have traditionally been seen as nurturers in society, so to accept some would perpetrate sexual crimes against children goes against the very core of how women are viewed.
She finds that an increasing number of men have recognized the tensions created by their own fathers' putting careers first, but also finds that new gender dynamics (and the attendant emotional, community moral responsibilities) has freed men to be nurturers and to contribute substantially in terms of time and quality to the rearing of their own children.

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