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verb advance, aid, assist, back, bolster, bring to maturity, bring up, care for, cherish, coach, cultivate, direct, educate, encourage, enrich, feed, fortify, forrard, foster, further, give aid, harbor, help, improve, instruct, invigorate, maintain, make provisions for, make strong, mold, nourish, nurse, patronize, prepare, promote, provide for, rear, render better, render strong, sponsor, strengthen, succor, supply aid, support, sustain, teach, train, tutor, victual
See also: abet, aid, assist, care, conjure, cultivate, discipline, educate, foster, keep, maintain, mature, organize, preservation, promote, regard, shelter, sustain

NURTURE. The act of taking care of children and educating them: the right to the nurture of children generally belongs to the father till the child shall arrive at the age of fourteen years, and not longer. Till then, he is guardian by nurture. Co. Litt. 38 b. But in special cases the mother will be preferred to the father; 5 Binn. R. 520; 2 S. & R. 174; and after the death of the father, the mother is guardian by nurture. Fl. 1. 1, c. 6; Com. Dig. Guardian, D.

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Sternberg speculated that the difference in nurturing may contribute to the strength of the stress response that appears later in life, and, in turn, the behavior of the immune system.
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In another recent effort to make gentle baby care products accessible to every child, GroVia has donated essential supplies to Tapestries of Life, a non-profit organization that is building a 55,000 square foot orphanage in Guadalupe, Mexico, which upon opening, will provide care and a nurturing environment for over 400 children and infants.
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According to the Aberdeen Group report: "Effective lead nurturing means organizations can reduce lead generation budget and maximize revenue by focusing on quality and not quantity of leads.
Organizations that have effective sales lead generation and lead nurturing programs in place focus on qualified, winnable opportunities, and they nurture prospects who are not 'sales-ready' to provide a continuous flow of leads.
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Known for nurturing women through her music, Evans will unveil the first nurture nook at Beyond Shelter, a service and housing agency in Los Angeles that empowers women to reclaim control of their lives.

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