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1952)--The FI was calculated by using the formula, FI= (DNF*TL)/100, where DNF is the distance from the proximal end of the bone to the nutrient foramen and TL is the total bone length.
Circumference of the bone at the level of nutrient foramen was noted with a help of a wire and measured using Vernier caliper.
Among 50 radii analysed in the study, single nutrient foramen was observed in 90% of the bones while 8% of the bones did not have any nutrient foramen.
In the present study nutrient foramen was situated in upper one third of posterior surface of all 70 tibiae.
The nutrient foramen was situated lateral to vertical line in majority of bones in the present study.
Different morphological features of nutrient foramen were looked for and morphometrical parameters were measured.
The nutrient foramen lies at the lateral end of the groove.
In this study, all the clavicles had at least one nutrient foramen.
Nutrient foramen is located near the middle of the shaft, pointing towards the upper end or elbow.
2 radii shows presence of nutrient foramen on interosseous border and in 1 radius bone nutrient foramen was located on the posterior surface.