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In other words, the "American Dream" was not gradually corrupted over the course of the nineteenth century; human beings have always behaved like Lilburne Lewis and human history has always been made up of that "rich detritus" composing the "blind nutriment of Lilburne's heart" (77).
49) Plato noted, "If we disregard due proportion by giving anything what is too much for it; too much canvas to a boat, too much nutriment to a body, too much authority to a soul, the consequence is always shipwreck.
Providing a rationale for suggestions or requests is important to limit real or perceived of control; an important nutriment for internalization (Deci & Flaste, 1995).
Rather, the Generation of Animals invokes a whole range of causal powers, including the capacity to transform uterine blood into various grades of nutriment, the capacity to transform those nutrients into tissues, bone structures and other 'uniform' parts, the capacity of certain materials to become membranous when acted on by heat, and so forth.
60) In contrast, the English in Montreal "use a good substantial nutriment, with the attention to the comforts of life for which their nation is distinguished.
John Paul continued to receive fluids intravenously and nutriment via a gastronasal tube, Buzzonetti said.
Promoting the cause, Shaw said, 'A mind of the caliber of mine cannot drive its nutriment from cows', while Franklin stated that a vegetarian diet resulted in 'greater clearness of head and quicker comprehension'.
oats, a food for animals), the 'cold' effect of less digestable foods (millet being better than oats), the 'warming' effect of juniper and cedar fruits that clean the kidneys and liver, the 'thinning' effect of just a little nutriment, the heartburn and headache caused by excess.
Indeed, his own critique of superficial pop sociology could easily be directed against his own work: "Pop sociology is sociological imagination lite, a fast-food version of nutriment, a sprinkling of holy water on the commercial trend of the moment, and a trivialization of insight" (2006b, 41).
Initially, Avemar was available as an over-the-counter dietary supplement, but in 2002 the product was registered as a medical nutriment with an indication for use in cancer treatment by the Hungarian National Institute of Food Safety and Nutrition.
Such a rigid imposition of form, Aurora notes, often destroys "feebler souls," but her own connection to the "elemental nutriment and heat" of nature which she "sucks surely" as a "babe in the dark" allows her to keep "the life thrust" of spirit burning within her (AL, 1.