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The conversion of nutriment of any sort into oil of the quality already mentioned appears to be a process so inseparable from the constitution of this exemplary vessel that in beginning to eat and drink, he may be described as always becoming a kind of considerable oil mills or other large factory for the production of that article on a wholesale scale.
These several dispositions were not long in making, and the little group was soon seated about a repast which, though it might want the elegancies to which the bride of Middleton had been accustomed, was not deficient in the more important requisites of savour and nutriment.
All the facts of the animal economy, sex, nutriment, gestation, birth, growth, are symbols of the passage of the world into the soul of man, to suffer there a change and reappear a new and higher fact.
Wonder not then, what God for you saw good If I refuse not, but convert, as you, To proper substance; time may come when men With Angels may participate, and find No inconvenient Diet, nor too light Fare: And from these corporal nutriments perhaps Your bodies may at last turn all to Spirit Improv'd by tract of time, and wingd ascend Ethereal, as wee, or may at choice Here or in Heav'nly Paradises dwell; If ye be found obedient, and retain Unalterably firm his love entire Whose progenie you are.
Strong upwelling ocean currents off the narrow continental shelf, the furious south west monsoon, and dozens of tropical rivers pouring nutriment rich fresh water in to the ocean, may produce adequate food for small fish to flourish for the whale population to sustain itself.
The nutriments (nutrition) combination of dried Ficus carica testified that it has the premium nutriment aggregate amid the dried fruits, constituting a substantial wellspring of minerals and vitamins15.
The knowledge ofpast times and of the places on the earth is both an ornament and nutriment to the human mind--Leonardo da Vinci (cited on p.
Contrariwise" ndash as a celebrated children's story teller used to put it ndash I might even give you loud support because, where nutriment is concerned, a new-born human baby behaves exactly as greedily as a maggot.
The Efficacy of Tamoxifen in Estrogen Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer Cells Is Enhanced by a Medical Nutriment. Cancer Biother Radiopharm.
Background and Objectives: We know that in low- and middle-income countries maternal and children's under nutriment is responsible for the advancement in deaths and other diseases.
noted that nutraceutical is registered as a special nutriment for cancer patients in Hungary that has exhibited potent anticancer activity on cell lines and immunomodulatory activity in vivo.
Royal jelly is a honeybee nutriment secreted from the glands in the hypopharynx of worker bees essential in the development of queen bees.