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The restoration of former rights, authority, or abilities.

The process of rehabilitating a witness involves restoring the credibility of the witness following Impeachment by the opposing party. Rehabilitating a prisoner refers to preparing him or her for a productive life upon release from prison.

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Children in curd as well as the LPC group showed an insignificant rise in the mean TNF[alpha] and IFN[gamma] levels after nutritional rehabilitation. The rise in mean IL-l0 levels in the curd group was significant (P<0.05).
To the best of our knowledge, we are the first to show the kinetics of increasing bone formation and decreasing bone resorption in young anorectic adolescents (range, 11.5-17.4 years) after nutritional rehabilitation. Bone formation increased significantly, as shown by the formation markers IGF-1, PICP, and bAP, as a result of the nutrition therapy.
In an attempt to bridge the management gap between nutritional rehabilitation for SAM and chronic malnutrition, this study investigated to what extent RUTF promotes weight gain in children with long-term nutritional deficit with superimposed SAM.
Sample size was estimated taking 20% prevalence of mental disorders among mothers of malnourished children.12 Cases were children admitted in nutritional rehabilitation unit with, moderate and severe malnutrition defined as weight for height ratio less than -2SD and less than -3SD respectively according to WHO classification of malnutrition in children whereas the controls were children with normal weight admitted with common illnesses like acute respiratory infections, diarrhea.
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-- Nutritional rehabilitation may require involuntary hospitalization in patients with eating disorders.
This may help for effective implementation of nutritional rehabilitation programs in India and to identify the children at greatest risk of death resulting from SAM.
OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY: To know the various risk factors of SAM children admitted in the Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre of GMC, Guntur.
RUTF is not known to aid nutritional rehabilitation in HIVinfected children.

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