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Caption: Vista 4: Emerging Properties b--Midnight Cami, 2013 Acrylic paint, paper, nail polish, resin, filter charcoal, nylon mesh, graphite on synthetic paper.
Because nylon mesh is also resistant to most solvents and has a strong working temperature of up to 115[degrees]C, it lends itself to a significant number of laboratory processing and analysis operations.
Because our teas, blends and herbals embody a culinary approach to tea we were excited [to bring] to market a specially designed knit material that actually allows for a full, true infusion of flavor and aroma without any of the sensory hindrances posed by paper or nylon mesh tea bags.
Comfort is improved with soft black leather for the X-shaped nape pad, headband and border around a new breathable nylon mesh suspension pad, and black suede-lined chinstrap.
In addition, most rotary sifters are supplied with nylon mesh that is prone to breakage.
The ones with the black/ neon yellow/white colourway with graduated suede panels and nylon mesh and 3M reflective strips, coloured visible air units with PSI pressure reading and speed-lacing system with high-density mesh eyelets.
5-inch PVC pipe with nylon mesh on the sides of the frame and extending at an upward angle from the top of the backboard.
I place about six empty pint jars in the bottom and set the metal plate/rack on them and cover it with a piece of nylon mesh screen.
Fat balls are great for many birds, especially in cold weather, but remove any nylon mesh as birds can catch their feet in the mesh.
The Speed Freek features a durable, breathable Cordura nylon mesh upper with leather support trim and a tough TPU toe cap that protect the front of the boots from jagged rocks, gnarly tree steps, thorny brush and more.
It is a double-layered sphere, with one layer a nylon mesh and the other made from sail material, and the antenna at the centre, reports New Scientist.