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Figures 13 and 14 compare MAT and OAF values determined from single-point, corrected measurements with the baseline values for all of the data.
Enter knocks rum Gull-day-looks sew tree balls oaf soap honor tea bull.
The unit creates an OAF rich in hydroxyl radicals, to destroy microbes including flu and cold viruses and bacteria, both in the air and on surface contact.
Prescott, it is accepted, cost the nation lots of money and yet there were repercussions for this oaf - he still lives in splendour.
Jamming a needle in your backside while hiding in a clubhouse bathroom stall is the act of an oaf, a dullard and a coward.
Consider: a friendly oaf of a werewolf, an elderly black man who appears in several incarnations to help Jack, a school for runaway boys run by a veritable demon, and a villainous uncle who has designs on being a power broker in both worlds, and you have some idea of the innovative creations here.
At 31 the unemployed oaf is the father of eight by five different women and as a consequence costs pounds 56,000 a year in benefits.
The unit creates an OAF which is rich in hydroxyl radicals, to destroy microbes including flu and cold viruses and bacteria, both in the air and on surface contact.
8DA YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Overact 9 Noddy 10 Apace 11 Clement 12 Dye 13 Hallowed 16 Begrudge 17 Boo 19 Martini 21 Board 22 Sling 23 Kittens DOWN: 1 Towards 2 Nepalese 3 Male 4 Antelope 5 Edge 6 Kyoto 8 Tickled pink 13 Herrings 14 Embraced 15 Goddess 18 Smash 20 Raid 21 Bath QUICKIE CROSS: 1 Colourblind 8 Bow 9 Aim 11 Unequal 12 Price 13 Led 14 Let 15 Referee 17 Elf 19 Woke 21 Lots 23 Idea 25 Blur 27 Fit 29 Ecology 31 Oak 34 Awe 36 Alibi 37 Set free 38 Del 39 Eat 40 Cocktail bar DOWN: 1 Cone 2 Owed 3 Opulent 4 Rolled 5 Lapse 6 Nail 7 Dice 8 Bulge 10 Metre 16 Ewe 18 Flu 20 Oaf 22 Ore 24 Digital 25 Broad 26 Plasma 28 Tweet 30 Click 32 Alec 33 Kilo 34 Area 35 Wear
Remember the penalty that wasn't in Russia, Drogba's three-yard offside goal against Man United and the pathetic oaf who gave South Africa the Rugby World Cup against England?
They have got to be perfect and they must be squeaky clean" Actress Felicity Kendal, who stars in a new production of George Bernard Shaw's Mrs Warren's Profession "Nobody wants to be thought of as an untutored oaf, the kind of person who boldly states 'I don't know anything about art, but I know what I like"'Sir Terry Wogan
Surely he can do a better job than that oaf, Peter Lundgren, who apparently can't be trusted to sit the right way on a toilet seat let alone give an LTA presentation without slurring his words.