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By the 1920s this word naturally became applied to any oafish 'dummy' without much intelligence or spirit.
The book deliberately wrenches quotations out of context so egregiously that it makes Winston Churchill out to be an oafish, bloodthirsty, sadistic, hypocritical, anti-Semitic alcoholic, his easily the worst book I have reviewed in eighteen years of reviewing history books, and Professor Rubinstein skewered it magnificently.
While grandma (Berta Zemel) patiently does the cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing, Alice (Ribas) gets ready to go to work as a manicurist in a beauty parlor and her oafish, bad-tempered mate Lindomar (Zecarlos Machado) prepares to drive his taxi.
Different from her best friend Joc who can't ever get enough of her oafish boyfriend.
shouts at his oafish and boring guests, a foot buried in the compote, and the conversation around the upstairs table is often tense, if not acrimonious.
But beyond these traits, Ned Flanders is perhaps the nation's most well-known evangelical, as every week (and daily, through television reruns) he drives Homer Simpson, his oafish neighbor on The Simpsons, into mad rages in response to his good nature and strong Christian faith.
Or might it have something to do with the oafish drivel that drips from his mouth?
Despite his "star's son" status and 90210 looks, at Beverly Hills High he preferred lunching in a basement with fellow "misfits" to hanging with the cell-phone set--partly to avoid oafish classmates who called him "faggot" because he didn't fit the mold.
Then, as Sir John Betjeman wrote, "And girls in slacks remember Dad/And oafish louts remember Mum/And sleepless children's hearts are glad/And Christmas morning bells say, `Come'.
His attacks on the image are ignorant, oafish, blind; unable to understand beauty, he can only destroy it.
And the mud began to fly when oafish officers rushed to the rescue.