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5% andy Carroll Liverpool overpaid enormously for the Newcastle star but the ponytail and occasional oafishness do not detract from the talent Dalglish must harness 27 Value: pounds 35m Leadership: 54% Technique: 57% Aggression: 81% Match-winner: 79% Work ethic: 72% Stamina: 48% Average: 65.
If it's bullying you're after, look no further than that sty of journalistic oafishness that is the Daily Mail.
There is the odd whiff of the Hooray Henry, upper-class oafishness that many of them never grew out of.
The Government's big idea is that, by spending a dollop of cash on special classes teaching the skills needed to raise a well-adjusted child, it can change for the better anti-social behaviour, crime, drug-taking, oafishness and thugishness.
But in two minutes the woman who might have changed soccer instead managed to reinforce all the associations with oafishness and lack of control that the game is so desperate to escape.