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has closed acquisition of UK-based oat milling company European Oat Millers to expand global reach, the company said.
The fiber in whole-grain oats is associated with a decreased risk of colon and breast cancers.
Fall oats also are usually planted after the harvest of cereal grains, such as wheat or cereal rye, or in fields where alfalfa, which is harvested every 28 days, has been killed off.
Place two beds of lettuce leaves on the plate and pour the oats mixture.
In addition, oats are a critical part of the crop rotation in the state, providing soil health benefits, reducing soil erosion, requiring fewer inputs and no irrigation water while producing a nutrient rich product.
But they need Mirror readers' help picking recipes from the choices below: | Breakfast - Fresh Bircher Muesli with Fruit / Mixed Berry and Oat Breakfast Muffins / Pre-workout Pancakes / Gorgeous Granola Snacks - Blackberry and Raspberry Granola Bars / Honey Oat Cookies / Linwoods Chocolate and Beetroot Superfood Muffins / Protein and Energy Coconut Bliss Balls Lunch - Oat cakes / Cheese and Onion Stuffed Oat Pancakes / Raw Super Food Protein Salad.
Studies were eligible for inclusion if the clinical trials were conducted in human subjects, were controlled, GI was measured or could be calculated by means of the standardised method from available data, and the foods were wholegrain oats in which oat was the only or main ingredient included.
The global oats market has its consumption in both food and feed use.
A review of 29 studies concluded that oats and oat bran might provide benefits in some cases of bowel disease (one of two studies on ulcerative colitis) and constipation (14 studies).
Current labelling guidelines state that only oats that test at 20ppm or under can be labelled gluten-free to comply with the EU 828/2014 standard, that stipulates how oats must be specially produced, prepared and processed to avoid contamination by wheat and other gluten containing grains.
The AY-glucan is a significant constituent of soluble dietary fiber in barley and oats.
IBERS is one of the final five contenders in the Economic Impact category of the Insider Business and Education Partnerships Awards 2014 for its in-depth research and development of oats.