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Warwickshire closed on 417-7 having hit turbulence at 18-2 and 227-6 but they fought back, first through the obduracy of Ian Westwood (88) and then with the audacity of Keith Barker (86 not out).
Warwickshire closed on 417 for seven having hit turbulence at 18 for two and 227 for six but fought back first through the obduracy of Ian Westwood (88 from 183 balls) and then the audacity of Keith Barker (an unbeaten 86 from 101).
Half-hearted public consultation, obduracy in refusing to rectify a situation gone horribly wrong, waste of billions of rands lavished on the doomed project, and road users' mass payment boycott when the system finally went live, have left the ruling party divided and its governing tripartite alliance in disarray.
Most Lebanese parliamentarian who would presumably be called to cast a vote between now and June 20, 2017 to elect a head of state understood this, though the notion escaped Aoun and, given the current political obduracy, it was difficult to see when Parliament could select a new president in the near future.
But it is not the obduracy of the banks that ought to be causing most concern.
And within the confines of the euro, Greece's road to recovery might have been easier had it not been for the obduracy of Ms Merkel and successive French governments.
He knows the obduracy and self-delusion of the Damascus government.
What Khaleda and the BNP have to reflect over is the cost to Bangladesh of her obduracy and ego and question the legitimacy of their campaign of continuous hartals and violence unleashed by the Jamt-Shibir.
He will need similar powers of obduracy when some of the Premier League big guns come calling, which could include Rodgers if reports are to be believed.
LAHORE -- Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, has flayed US plans to attack Syria without UN approval and said Washington's obduracy had already threatened the world peace.
How the SNP have the obduracy to face the Scottish public with the number of times they have misled us with spurious information is beyond comprehension.
In-stead of Greece being the target due to its obduracy, it turns out that Macedonia is unable to solve a simple internal problem.