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According to Schell, what mitigates against the likelihood that China will become less obdurate and more flexible in its approach to the South China Sea is the reality that having identified these contested islands and rocks as part of its so-called core interests, it has become trapped in its own conviction that disputes involving the question of Chinese sovereignty 'are never negotiable.
The latest tragedy has reopened the gun debate but nothing will change in the land of the criminally obdurate.
Put another way, the contemporary problem of velocity is a matter of rhythm: rhythm as it modulates or mediates different rates of speed, as it pulses between quicksilver and obdurate fastnesses.
The documents reveal that the then Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz had briefed the cabinet that government's efforts to resolve the issue through dialogue had failed over sheer obdurate behaviour of Lal Masjid activists.
Unfortunately, an obdurate stand by the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) government, if it decides to safeguard President Asif Ali Zardari by retaining the immunity reference, could result in a fresh clash between the executive and the judiciary.
But Brazil were less than impressive in edging past an obdurate New Zealand side 1-0 in Cardiff, with key player and captain Marta a peripheral figure.
England never really looked like restoring their advantage, instead relying on the obdurate defensive traits that have so far characterised Roy Hodgson's previous two friendlies in charge.
Vicente Del Bosque's team were just one goal away from being dumped out at the group stages for most of the game against an obdurate Croatia, but eventually made the breakthrough three minutes from time thanks to Jesus Navas.
Broad said they had aimed to take seven wickets on the first day, and praised Chanderpaul's obdurate innings.
He shoots brusque bullets from his thin Northern lips and his cricket punditry is as obdurate as his batting.
Even for Jean Baudrillard, Lefebvre's student, consumer goods function more as signs and ciphers than as obdurate things.
Until his arrival after an hour, City had been struggling to break down the Toffeemen's obdurate defence.