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SUDS exist in many contexts: yet, in Hettonbury and other masterplanned communities, they are significant because they represent mol(ecul)ar forms of intervention and management that are intended to address future fears and aspirations obdurately.
The list, published in Two Prospectors: The Learn of Sam Shepard and Johnny Dark, will not seem out of character to anyone who has formed a picture of Shepard based on the pissed-off, obdurately retro male characters that slither through his plays, or on the laconic, latter-day cowboy figures he has portrayed in films.
Popper's own attempt to give substance to this idea of (comparative) verisimilitude was by no means a success, and it is now generally recognized that the task is obdurately technical; on which account, rather than because it is deemed inconsequential, most deductivists have excused themselves from pursuing the problem with any zeal.
49) Thereafter, it was Creighton who assumed the mantle of responsibility, obdurately defending the estate's interests.
The first two parts of ffytche's book make heavy going for readers unfamiliar with the terminologically dense and obdurately abstract writing of Fichte and Schelling, though the meticulous readings of their work on offer pays dividends.
As far as this support continues, Israel will obdurately defy international law, kill the Palestinian civilians, imprison political activists who oppose the occupation and confiscate the rights of the people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
As Quilley points out, one prefiguring version of post-oil life, the Transition Town movement, 'remains obdurately disinclined to focus on the problem of violence' (2011: 77), and this is true of the degrowth movement too (see, for example, Latouche, 2010), as well as of the green movement more generally.
To hold back the death penalty in this case would amount to obdurately declaring that this Court rejects death as lawful penalty even though it is on the statute book and held valid by Constitutional benches of this Court.
The MoEF had obdurately resisted the PMO's attempts to relax its policy on setting aside forest land for non- forest purposes, taking refuge behind the Forest ( Conservation) Act, 1980 which, on its part, made it mandatory for promoters of such projects to first determine, and then settle, the rights of forestdwellers.
at 21 ("By obdurately asserting a right on behalf of its citizens to kill minke whales, the Brundtland Administration may be spending precious moral capital.
Ignoring my directions, the driver obdurately pedals toward the beach road.
The paint's physicality and the substantial, protruding dimensionality of the pieces were, at once, obdurately real and emotionally expressive.