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As far as this support continues, Israel will obdurately defy international law, kill the Palestinian civilians, imprison political activists who oppose the occupation and confiscate the rights of the people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
The MoEF had obdurately resisted the PMO's attempts to relax its policy on setting aside forest land for non- forest purposes, taking refuge behind the Forest ( Conservation) Act, 1980 which, on its part, made it mandatory for promoters of such projects to first determine, and then settle, the rights of forestdwellers.
at 21 ("By obdurately asserting a right on behalf of its citizens to kill minke whales, the Brundtland Administration may be spending precious moral capital.
Ignoring my directions, the driver obdurately pedals toward the beach road.
Do you now capitulate to inexorably rising equities or do you obdurately stick to what you "know" is the intellectual high ground and which will prove to be justified in the end?
I want to wonder what happens if we begin to think of suicide as, instead, a different kind of action, one that like other kinds of action--not exclusively adolescent but especially vivid there--is better understood as the expression of a search for motive, of an effort to concretize impulses that otherwise remain obdurately illegible and incoherent to the self in which they unfold.
Furthermore, his comment betrays his anxiety because the blood has traveled obdurately from "El Brujo's" pyramid to the confines of the city's capital, the seat of power,
It is not an overstatement to say that the temples stand obdurately, intertwined symbiotically with the encroaching jungle, the stones giving support to the vegetation as much as the vegetation keeps the stones in place.
Scholars, until very recently, have long and obdurately and even rancorously debated what Blake was up to.
Investors have consequently increased buying into regional markets with the banks a particular area of interest owing to clearly improving fundamentals and obdurately depressed valuations.
In spite of their incessant prattling about dedication to "transparency," the globalizes have been obdurately opaque about key features of the ICC.
Nicholas Frankel supports this analogy; for him this "archeological" poem is reduced to a "relic" when divorced from its 1894 editorial and binding decorations: the poem's obdurately concrete subject matter justifies its editorial physicality (174).