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de Treville was praised to the highest note by these men, who adored him, and who, ruffians as they were, trembled before him like scholars before their master, obedient to his least word, and ready to sacrifice themselves to wash out the smallest insult.
He had become simply the obedient and assiduous secretary.
Worms will turn, and even meek, mild, obedient little souls like Cecily may be goaded to the point of wild, sheer rebellion.
But from now on, I'll be different and I'll try to become a most obedient boy.
What persuadeth the living thing to obey, and command, and even be obedient in commanding?
He did not in his heart respect his mother, and without acknowledging it to himself, he did not love her, though in accordance with the ideas of the set in which he lived, and with his own education, he could not have conceived of any behavior to his mother not in the highest degree respectful and obedient, and the more externally obedient and respectful his behavior, the less in his heart he respected and loved her.
Why not still proceed over the untamed yet obedient element?
I have the honour to remain, dear sir, your obedient servant, RICHARD CUFF (late sergeant in the Detective Force, Scotland Yard, London).
His obedient wife withdrew the bolt, and her lady mother entered.
At last, having gone through these proceedings and many others which were equally a part of his system, Mr Quilp left them, reduced to a very obedient and humbled state, and betook himself to the river-side, where he took boat for the wharf on which he had bestowed his name.
But a letter he wrote to Prince Charles has been revealed, which he signed: "I have the honour to remain, Sir, your humble and obedient servant.
Janice Pare, inventor of “The Obedient Pup Neck Gaiter Training Aid” created a patent-pending training aid that helps stop a dog from barking and pulling hard on the leash restoring the dog back to a calm state of mind.