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16) In view of this, it is hardly surprising that NCPE intellectuals have tended to attribute the erosion of popular prosperity in Canada over the past twenty-five years variously to foreign ownership of Canadian industry, to a "deindustrialization" process stemming from the weakness of indigenous Canadian industrial capital, to policies imposed by a Canadian state overly obeisant to American corporate power, or to plant closures occasioned by "free trade" with the United States and Mexico, but not to the "normal" dynamics, contradictions, and crisis tendencies of capital accumulation characteristic of a mature, advanced capitalist economy.
Patrick orders his obeisant secretary, Chloe Sevigny), but to add that it speaks with forked tongue to Clinton-generated, bull-market amorality would belabor the obvious.
The former Taft High track standout was too obeisant.
It is noticeable that few of the people who write literary texts, as distinct from write about them, are similarly obeisant to the demands of mere intellect.
Despite the flurry of dutiful, largely obeisant press coverage, it is hardly news when politicians surround themselves with children and bravely pledge, as did the first lady, to "make it clear that we want American parents to succeed at the most important task they have, caring for the next generation.
At his worst, Bob Dole is obeisant to the extreme fringes of his party and to wealthy campaign contributors, eschewing tough choices in favor of political advancement.