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The judicial system has become as obeisant to Putin as it was to the Soviet masters of the Kremlin.
On first listen, it's obvious that Western Addiction has spent obeisant time at the Black Flag altar and has learned from the clenched-fist wisdom of Minor Threat, while not ignoring the direct, melodic rage of Strike Anywhere.
To meet this threat true defenders of American values must recognize the perversion and garner the strength of character and presence of mind to demand truth rather than comfort themselves with deception, to live courageously in reality rather than cower in myth and fantasy, to stand defiantly apart from the crowd rather than find refuge within the obeisant multitude, to boldly withstand criticism and alienation if need be rather than wallow compliantly in a vacuous approval and acceptance, and to live principally rather than hypocritically.
Rawcliffe, 'Richard Duke of York, the King's "obeisant liegeman": a New Source for the Protectorates of 1454 and 1455', Historical Research 60:142 (1987).
The prospect of obeisant affiliates within a privatized Russia seemed to put everything that they had desired nearly into their grasp.
More profound, yet more tacit, is the influence of his reading of Shakespeare throughout Disowning Knowledge, in particular the essay "Othello and the Stake of the Other." Finally, to make a recurrently obeisant gesture, we are all invariably indebted to Kenneth Burke's foundational reading of this play.
I have the Notebooks You gave me, underlined, your buckled self Obeisant to his pain.
Faithful to no abstraction, he is fanatically committed to concrete detail; obeisant to no ideal--whether his own or his readers'--he is merciless in his mug shots of reality.
But the paper is unquestionably less obeisant to the extremist forces ensconced in the White House and dominating much of the media than just about any other major journalistic institution we have left.
Such convertibility, between prisoners and dogs, dogs and slaves, a couple of wild nineteen-year-old twin daughters, an obeisant Scottish terrier and English springer spaniel, gives the correspondence its power.
After all, the provider probably would not be able to detect so early in the interaction whether the patient is operating with inauthentic values and an obeisant conception of herself.