obey orders

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General, I must obey orders, but I am not bound to endure.
He is fat and so clumsy and so furiously angry, but he's too scared of Trent to do anything but obey orders, and there he works hour after hour, groaning, and the perspiration rolls off him as though he were in a Turkish bath.
He could obey orders, and he was neither curious nor garrulous.
I am here because I am a soldier and have to obey orders -- I have taken an oath to obey, and I do obey; but you who have taken no such oath, why are you here and what cause do you represent?
He inwardly declared that he intended to obey orders.
You must not think any harm of him because, after all, a soldier must obey orders.
After hearing arguments of lawyers and Attorney General advised Ahmed Noorani to beg pardon in written instead of verbal but reporter Ahmed Noorani inspite of getting chance denied to obey orders and said there was nothing in the notice to beg the pardon.
The suit was filed after Hun Sen and top military brass accused Rainsy of 'treason' following a Facebook post in which he urged soldiers not to obey orders to shoot protesters.
As decreed in The Three Laws, all automata must obey orders, and may not injure a human being or allow a human to come to harm.
The girl allegedly threatened her victims to kill themselves or their family members, if they failed to obey orders or complete tasks assigned to them in the game.
Strick noted in his investigation the long-standing contribution of the company commander, but emphasized that the refusal to obey orders of this type is an exception to the norm expected of a commander of a combat company, and pointed out lessons to be learned from the incident.
TAP)- A truck driver was injured and his female passenger killed on Friday night after the army fired bullets in a bid to stop them as they failed to obey orders.