obey rules

See: conform
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labor laws and pay Social Security and payroll taxes, insurance, employment taxes, workers' compensation insurance, and obey rules on minimum wages and working conditions.
It is an action geared towards making sure people obey rules and regulation in this country.
Can Twinkle ever learn to become the kind of fairy who not only can perform magic, but obey rules in doing so?
Why should Muslim and Rastafarian students be forced to obey rules that go against their faiths?
Consistent enforcement, lasting at least one generation, should eventually bring out the inherent good in people to obey rules and laws, until discipline becomes automatic, as with many of our neighbors.
Ubaid urged the authorities concerned to use Close-Circuit Television cameras for monitoring and issuing of fine tickets to make people obey rules.
"It was hard as shelter was just for singles and we tried to obey rules CHRISTINA QUINN DUBLIN YESTERDAY
And you may need to obey rules that the freeholder enforces, or pay them a regular ground rent or other fees.
elite views), we Filipinos obey rules, study hard, work hard, wake up early, go home late, pay taxes, and contribute everything we can to improve the lot of our families, community, and country.
In 2012, the Communist party released an eight-point code advising officials to "be frugal" and obey rules on spending to maintain a close bond with the public who previously has had demands to cut down government spending.
As the Department of Education, we teach our learners to obey the law, to obey rules and regulations," Education Secretary Leonor Briones said.
Regarding fines for motorists who are found violating traffic rules, Capt Al Menhali said, "In the spirit of the initiative, even if you have violated any minor traffic rule, the happiness patrol officer will just issue a yellow card as reminder of the violation, and use the opportunity to encourage the road-user to obey rules and regulations."