obey rules

See: conform
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The Norway option, which is at least favoured for the transition, is vulnerable to the complaint that Britain must obey rules it cannot influence.
A Labour Brexit would mean billions of pounds going to the EU in perpetuity, the UK being forced to obey rules over which we have no say and zero control over our borders.
They find that these spatial interrogatives do not automatically behave like the common garden variety of noun phrases, which function as Ground in a spatial situation, but form a more or less tightly knit paradigm of their own that may obey rules that are--perhaps only slightly--different from those that govern Ground noun phrases in other sentence types such as declaratives.
Newts Newton ENTERTAINMENT: Charlotte Crosby denies being forced to obey rules laid down by on/off boyfriend Stephen Bear "Lovely lass.
JF Meltham Lesson from school: don't flout the rules WE all have to obey rules in life Scene from large brawl in the centre of Holmfirth on July 1 - if not there is only trouble ahead.
He's not telling the disciples to obey rules, he's inviting them to share his heart.
The purpose of the law is to make people obey rules so that there is harmony rather than anarchy.
Hearing loss and dementia make it difficult for prisoners to comprehend or obey rules.
This report rejected the findings of an earlier report claiming tourists from the Gulf region are the most unlikely to obey rules around cleanliness and other issues while abroad in some European countries.
This will help the pup understand it must obey rules of the house.
You need to pay for a gun, buy ammo and accessories, find a range, learn to shoot, obey rules and a host of other "non-fun" things--at least non-fun to them.
On more fronts than one, "The Maze Runner" tells a different story, an old-fashioned American tale of one boy whose resourceful courage, refusal to obey rules, and emergent leadership skills carry a raggedy army of prisoners to freedom and responsibility for a catastrophically fallen world.