obey rules

See: conform
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This report rejected the findings of an earlier report claiming tourists from the Gulf region are the most unlikely to obey rules around cleanliness and other issues while abroad in some European countries.
This will help the pup understand it must obey rules of the house.
Members vote and do committee work to obey rules that say they can't just turn up.
The Traffic Department urges all motorists to strictly obey rules and not to infringe on others' rights.
A video game to encourage people to obey rules on Dubai's roads was launched at GITEX yesterday.
The hotel also has the moral duty to obey rules and refrain their clients from disturbing others.
Syrians have been accused of refusing to pay bills at restaurants, bus fare or rent for properties, although they are required to do so, and locals have complained that the Syrians are rude in their conduct and do not obey rules.
The parent with custody must obey rules that allow for the noncustodial parent to visit his or her children.
We have to establish and obey rules for proper turn-taking when speaking," they said.
Students are expected to obey rules of courtesy, meaning the class is peppered with bowing to Alberto, which is a tricky habit to get into.
for an "officer on the train" presentation to serve as a reminder to motorists to obey rules along rail grade crossings.
He said that discipline is not possible without Accountability and Government officials should obey rules in their true spirit.