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When laws trample human rights, they must not be obeyed," the three priests wrote in an op-ed article for the Los Angeles Times.
Salman Nazir, ex-supply Chain Manager and Director of the company and Shahid Yazadani, Transport Manager hatched a conspiracy to achieve their ulterior motive and now the company is saying the court order will not be obeyed.
We can perhaps attribute this behavior to Isaac's absolute trust in his father: Abraham must know the correct way to worship the Lord, and so he must be obeyed.
He allows, of course, that "[i]f the terms of the agreement are just, then they should be obeyed because they are just.
It was disheartening to read that only a few, very few, obeyed the law of paying the fees associated with their duties in serving court papers.
Afterwards he said: "It is important that the law is obeyed, and seen to be obeyed, especially when it comes to the disclosure of information that can directly damage an individual.
In the instance when a building has not obeyed Local Law requirements and they are planning construction to create a new use, egress, or occupancy to an existing building, a new or amended Certificate of Occupancy is necessary.
Thus, any constitution sanctioning slavery, arguably the worst violation of rights short of murder, was invalid and should not be obeyed.
2) The demand of Revelation, then, is not a list of rational universals--rather it is a "love of God that is obeyed.
In his first address to the nation since the violence erupted on October 27, the president said that the laws of France must be obeyed and that values must be inspired in youths living in the poor suburbs ringing French cities.