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Thus, In contrast to a single obfuscation level scenario where only one obfuscated copy is released for all users using fixed parameters for the obfuscation mechanism, now multiple differently obfuscated copies of the same data is released for different requests with different trust levels.
The injected code is designed to look like a Google Analytics script, and it uses obfuscated javascript, so it is hard to spot.
In its Latest Malicious Page of the Month Report, Finjan Describes the Malicious Obfuscated Code Evolution, Including Examples of its Increased Sophistication and Effectiveness
Other techniques are, nevertheless, way more powerful, in the sense that they require a deep knowledge of the platform being obfuscated.
Bittle and Johnson, both with Public Agenda Online, write in a breezy style with the intent of bringing clarity on complicated issues to a general audience; but instead, they offer a barrage of information that is jumbled and obfuscated by folksiness.
He mumbles out answers that seem condescending and intentionally obfuscated.
The capabilities of embryonic versus adult stem cells, and their relative promise for medicine, were obfuscated.
The "bad news" in the July 13 press release was also deliberately obfuscated by the headline-grabbing "bonfire of the quangos " the following day; a transparently Machiavellian act that shames the Labour Party and democracy in Wales.
When she fell ill in the summer of 2000, Tate had just completed a fellowship at the National Humanities Center in North Carolina and was at work on a fourth authored book on the usually obfuscated figure of the black lady through the medium of American film, having retrained herself in film criticism and the rhetoric of the image.
Zero percent" and other incentives, therefore, have obfuscated the "true price" of the vehicle.
One of the biggest questions I have faced as a library educator, and would undoubtedly face were I to return to professional practice, concerns the obfuscated nature of library work: who does what, and what does one call them?
His aim is to make straightforward, literal descriptions of the pamphlets' contents and to give readings that are neither obfuscated nor enlightened by any interpretative methodologies.