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Thus, In contrast to a single obfuscation level scenario where only one obfuscated copy is released for all users using fixed parameters for the obfuscation mechanism, now multiple differently obfuscated copies of the same data is released for different requests with different trust levels.
In their research, the authors observed that a number of web pages in reputable sites were obfuscated, and found that the obfuscated JavaScript is not in itself a good indicator of malice.
The quality of an obsfuscating transformation t is measured using four criteria: how hard is for human readers to understand the obfuscated code (potency), how hard is for an automated tool to revert the transformation (resiliency), how well the obfuscator's introduced code blends with the original code (stealth) and how much extra cost, if any, the obfuscation introduces (cost).
The "bad news" in the July 13 press release was also deliberately obfuscated by the headline-grabbing "bonfire of the quangos " the following day; a transparently Machiavellian act that shames the Labour Party and democracy in Wales.
When she fell ill in the summer of 2000, Tate had just completed a fellowship at the National Humanities Center in North Carolina and was at work on a fourth authored book on the usually obfuscated figure of the black lady through the medium of American film, having retrained herself in film criticism and the rhetoric of the image.
Zero percent" and other incentives, therefore, have obfuscated the "true price" of the vehicle.
One of the biggest questions I have faced as a library educator, and would undoubtedly face were I to return to professional practice, concerns the obfuscated nature of library work: who does what, and what does one call them?
His aim is to make straightforward, literal descriptions of the pamphlets' contents and to give readings that are neither obfuscated nor enlightened by any interpretative methodologies.
The banks were compromised, credentials to payment generation systems were obtained to send fraudulent payments and the statements/confirmations from their counterparties were obfuscated.
Many of the people who have contacted me, however, did so because they believe that this is, at least to some degree, a case of mass hysteria; that a significant percentage (or even all) of the allegations, especially the most fantastic, may be unfounded; that innocent people may have been or will be accused; that an untold number of lives are being ruined; and that cases of actual molestation and/or abuse could potentially be obfuscated.