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Opaque Predicates are the building blocks of the Control Flow obfuscating transformations, and its quality determines the overall obfuscating quality.
Instead, it jumbles a series of obfuscating factoids, derivative melodrama and meaningless conjecture in an admittedly often interesting, usually overheated fashion that concludes - well, not much, really.
investigations with leading House Aviation Subcommittee members, only to be sandbagged at the subsequent hearing by a senior FAA official who'd obviously been tipped off about the findings so he could prepare an obfuscating response.
There's no effort to depict anyone as more than one-dimensional, the tactical jabbering is obfuscating and tedious, and a dramatic story about not accomplishing anything is, practically by definition, not terribly engaging.
The cigarette manufacturers as obfuscating corporations that are interested mainly in profits?