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Exclude/Include entities from obfuscation using Obfuscation Rules or inline Obfuscation Attributes
Having familiarized readers with obfuscation as a concept, Part II argues for the value of the technique.
To mitigate this problem, programmers often employ obfuscation techniques to transform and protect a .
Obfuscation is attractive because it offers to empower individuals.
com) is a leading vendor of information protection, copy protection and code obfuscation solutions for software and electronic content.
The software obfuscation technique is also contributing towards functional encryption, the research suggests.
The key to this successful obfuscation mechanism is a new type of multilinear jigsaw puzzle.
The authors expand the obfuscation scope from single obfuscation level for all users to arbitrary obfuscation levels based on trustworthy between users.
READING Mr Peter Leach's response to my account of the latest phase in the 'renewables greed syndrome', it would be easy to dismiss his excuses as devious obfuscation.
We urge the Hillsborough Independent Panel to release all documents - ending the shameful obfuscation of more than two decades - by letting the families read every line of evidence for themselves.
On the other hand there are a lot of conventional dongle vendors and users, so our investigation and experiments were intended to show, if it was possible to implement good copy protection using dongles without code execution in combination with other well known software protection techniques, like software packers, anti-debugging, code obfuscation and so on.