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In [3], authors have analyzed the effects of compiler optimization (in three levels), removing symbol information and applying basic binary obfuscation methods (such as instruction replacement and control flow graph obfuscation) on several features mainly obtained from disassembling and decompiling the executable binaries (e.
The authors believe abstract syntax tree (generated from the source code using a fuzzy parser) represents the structure of a program, and it is obfuscation resistant, and therefore, it can be used to identify the author of an obfuscated code.
6, describe tests for evaluating the obfuscator tool (that I've used in the experiment) and identifying the obfuscation resistant features.
Obfuscation techniques mangle flow of the program, variable types, and class/method names, etc.
Brunton and Nissenbaum are careful to position obfuscation as a realistic, affordable, and reliably good enough tactic to protect our privacy.
By contrast, obfuscation is a creature of distrust--a last resort of the weak, the marginalized, and the betrayed.
Against the backdrop of privacy's trust gap, we then offer both an internal and an external critique of Brunton and Nissenbaum's obfuscation theory.
We caution against leveraging the wisdom of obfuscation into a premature guerrilla war for our privacy.
NET are high level interpreted languages, which are very suitable for the obfuscation protection evaluation, while C++ is compiled into the machine code directly, allowing to evaluate anti-debugging and code packing techniques.
Since cracking of C++ program was done at the assembly level using debugger, we did not add additional obfuscation protection to this implementation of protected program.
Logically next step was to see, how additional protection methods like obfuscation will help to improve protection.
Actually obfuscation is very good method to hide business logic of program, but in our case we do not care about this.