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OBIT. That particular solemnity or office for the dead, which the Roman Catholic church appoints to be read or performed over the body of a deceased member of that communion before interment; also the office which, upon the anniversary of his death, was frequently used as a commemoration or observance of the day. 2 Cro. 51; Dyer, 313.

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Usually a member of the family puts together an obit emphasizing the career or work of the deceased.
The New York Times' Maazel obit reported that the conductor's performances "could seem coolly fastidious and emotionally distant.
It was too sticky to deny McGuire an obit because staffers and McGuire fans clearly wanted one for him.
When the paper changed its handling of obituaries in 2004, Hewlett estimated she had written about 250,000 obits.
in his obit titled Minnesota Fats, A Real Hustler With A Pool Cue, Is Dead:
Interestingly enough, The Register-Guard has been publishing what we refer to as "family-request" obits only since 1992.
com is laboriously building a collection of links to obit pages with the newspapers' acquiescence, Legacy.
protesters, the New York Times plagiarized obits and more.
The Chicago Sun-Times' obits page contains some of the paper's best writing, including that of award-winning obit author Maureen O'Donnell.
Louis Globe-Democrat reporter Les Pearson and television cameraman Andy Werner got obits in the Post.
Alliance with Selected Independent Funeral Homes Connects 1,500 Member Funeral Homes to Eons Obits, the Nation's Largest Free Online Obituary Database
It wasn't hopeless, but was close enough that Lakers' obits were at the ready.